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Description of the Book:


No matter your hectic daily schedule, the pages of Sweet Nothings are bound to make you peep into your inner core where a plethora of emotions are stratified since forever. I always say it's easier to bleed on paper, and this time you'll be the witness to my sentiments and grief that I've kept obscured for years now. Happy reading!

Sweet Nothings

SKU: 9789360944650
  • Author's Name: Ankita Neogi Bag

    About the Author: From time immemorial I have dreamt of being a best-selling author. Although a scientist by profession, literature was something that was my constant means of catharsis. I can sure blame this on Tagore and his creations, which has immensely shaped and garnished my poetic entity since I was a young adult. A wife, a mother of a new-born, a classical dancer, a singer in my society’s all-girl band, and a self-proclaimed make-up artist you often see spending hours in front of the mirror- I’m all of these and much more. My favourite thing to do apart from writing is observing people, and weaving an instant funny fiction around them. I do my best writing on lazy afternoons and weekend nights, beholding the chiaroscuro of nature. I love transporting my readers to a place where flaws are endeared, women are stronger and bolder than they look, betrayal cuts deeper than a sword, and love letters are alive and well!
    Book ISBN: 9789360944650
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