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Book Description :


SURVIVAL is a collection of poetry that follows some of A.J. Arias's toughest childhood moments. It's a story about a child who spent her days growing up too fast, and spent sleepless nights thinking about the restless days. Through these poems we relive the darker days. Bad experiences happen all the time. Sometimes you roll with it. And sometimes you just survive.

Survival - A book of poems

  • Author's Name :  A.J. Arias
    About the Author :  A.J. Arias is a writer and educator from New York who loves books, movies about books, yoga, and cooking (although potentially not well). She currently resides in New York with her pet rabbit named Waffle. She spends her day playing video games, shopping on the internet, and just geeking out.
    Book ISBN :  9780463601136
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