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Description of the book


 'Surrender to the Verse' an anthology of 21 poems is the first poetry book of the poet.
The 21 poems in this book contain countless thoughts and emotions that found expression.

 Beginning with the submission of self to the art of poetry in the first poem, the poems trace myriad facets of human experience, vulnerabilities, childhood, womanhood and ponder upon universal concepts of love, purpose, pain and healing.

Whether it is the poignant wish of the daughter to mother her own mother in the poem ' If my mother was my daughter' or the personification of pain in 'Pain explains', the themes of the poems are the common themes of humanity.

Surrender to the Verse

  • Author Name: Paridhi Kalotara Aggarwal
    About the Author: Paridhi is a lawyer, poet and a spoken word artist based in Chandigarh, India. Motherhood, Law, literature, poetry and spoken word performances occupy most of her time as she pursues them all with equal love and zeal.The performances of her original poetry are available on her you tube channel 'Ruminative Renditions ' and her work can also be read on her blog ' '.
    Book ISBN: 9781005707460


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