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Description of the Book :


The book aims to navigate the universal experience of transition from a child to an adult, who is only starting to question everything around her.She is trying to make sense of the multitude of emotions that overwhelm her and is thriving to assert her authenticity in a world of stitched patterns of advices and interpretations against a backdrop of social conventions and seeming ambiguity. Just like a sunflower, these poems want to follow the readers to the back of their mind, where hope is just stirring upon the realization of truth, putting them at ease.


Sunflowers to the Soul - Poems of truth.

  • Author's Name :  Padmavathi Arulmozhi
    About the Author :  Padma is a 20 year old poet who is obsessed with sunflowers and art in any form.She is slowly starting to understand that growth is not linear but quite haphazard and has learnt to not be too hard on herself when things don't go her way.She values friendships as much as comedy shows and realizes that happiness and solace can be found in even the tiniest of things.
    Book ISBN :  9781005671532
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