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Description of the Book:


I use poetry as a way of expressing my often complex emotions and a way of coming to terms
with unforgiving situations. So whether I am sat on the bus or washing the dishes (I don’t wash
dishes) poems are brewing away and manage to effortlessly piece themselves together like
poetic jigsaw puzzles.
Some of the poems in this book are tragically true to life while others are fiction formulated
within me in order to advocate for all that I’m passion about. And while I appreciate that poetry
certainly doesn’t have to rhyme - When it does it makes my heart do a cute little jump and a
pirouette. Playing with words keeps my mind occupied and well away from the demons that love
nothing more than to torment me.
Poetry has been my saviour and if just one other person on the planet finds similar comfort in
reading my poems then I’ll be one happy little egg.

Sunflowers & Scars

SKU: 9789358314649
  • Author's Name: Emily Marie Parker

    About the Author: Emily is a 28 year old poet from Blackburn Lancashire. At just 20 years old Emily left her home and family to move to Southern China where she would teach English as a foreign language. Due to the Covid19 pandemic and its subsequent visa issues, Emily had to return to the UK where she completed a degree in Early Childhood education. Having to flee the country she had spent all of her adult life in, her apartment, her job, and even her beloved dog all added to the inevitable reverse culture shock which helped to create this book.
    Book ISBN: 9789358314649
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