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Description of the Book: 


All of us have gone through those dark days of breakdowns and pain, where we feel like ending everything and end up drowning ourselves in pools of negativity. But on the very next dawn, we wonder if only we had a sunflower in our lives, pacifying us every time we don't feel well and recharging our souls with hope and positivity. strong Then there are days where we encounter failures, some stand us again, but most of us tend to give up. Then, we tend to forget that failures are the pathway to success. And believing in ourselves is the fundament to becoming a successful person. In such situations, dandelions inspire us to stand firm, just like they do, by persevering through all of the difficult living conditions. They are perfect proof of how each one of us can become strong and powerful and overcome everything thrown in our way. I wish if I could only be your sunflower or dandelion. While I cannot do that for you, you find your perfect sunflower and dandelion in disguise, of poems and writeups somewhere in this book.

Sunflowers & Dandelions

  • Author Name: Diya Jain
    About the Author: Diya was born and raised in New Delhi. She is a wanderlust who often gets lost in her imaginary world. She is a sports enthusiast, a budding writer, and a computer freak who also likes to paint and bake. She loves to decorate pain with her colorful metaphors. She is currently an 11th grader at Amity International School and an IIT aspirant with a vision to pursue computer science in the future. She always believes in kindness and keeps searching for new ways to inspire people. Sunflowers and dandelions never fail to inspire her and always make her believe in herself. She is a bubbly child, keen on experimenting with new things. In her opinion failures are the gateway to success, and one who can withstand these failures can make his/her every dream come true. She feels that just like stars can't shine without darkness, humans cannot taste success without failures. Every time we fall, we stand stronger and that's what keeps her going.


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