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Description of the Book:

'Sunflower and The Sun' is a collection of poems which deal with almost every area of Life. Some of them may lift you up, while some may reflect upon those difficult roads we all have tread time and again. Not much can be wrapped in sentences, but as you read along, you will decipher the heart and head of an individual, full of concepts, both explicable and inexplicable, tangible and intangible, abstract and real. This book is an effort to capture the fragrance of thought, flavours of emotions and colours of rhythm. With an intent to connect, entertain and enlighten, I wish you all a happy read :)

Sunflower and The Sun: All About Being Better Together

  • Author's Name: Ramya Singh
    About the Author: ‘Close your eyes, build your thoughts, choose your words and paint a picture’- This is what Ramya abides by. She believes that writing comes to us when our mind roars in a peaceful milieu. And as the pen inks it all, a beautiful mess gets resolved. Untied to a genre, she holds her fort of free-thoughts, blank-verse and emotions in rhythm. She hails from the City of Nawabs, Lucknow. A management professional and a budding poet, she looks out for inspiration in every nook and corner of existence. And as and when the words flow into her head, she picks up her diary to pen them all. An impromptu poet, she never has writing as a To-Do but a free endeavour which resonates with her will and love for freedom.
    Book ISBN: 9781005840068


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