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Description of the Book :


"There's something beautiful to be found in every day.
Some days you have to look for those things real hard, but maybe you won't feel like it. And that's ok.
These poems are about the mediocre days, the days you might want to hide from the world and the days where your emotions may not be so pretty. And how some days, you coincidentally find something beautiful when you weren't expecting it."

Sunbeams and other coincidences

SKU: 9789357444293
  • Author's Name : Lily Buchanan
    About the Author : Dutch-based author Lily Buchanan has been playing with words ever since she was a little girl. At the age of 7 reading and writing had become her favourite pastimes and by the age of 12 she was obsessed with classic literature and poetry, scribbling long and short poems on every scrap of paper she could find. She finds inspiration in things you can find in your everyday life, like nature, human interactions and language itself. She aspires to be the Elizabeth Bennet of her time (but is not afraid to admit she is probably a lot more like Jane Eyre).
    Book ISBN : 9798805732837
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