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Description of the Book :


'Sun and storms, the journey of life' is a poetry book that consists of poems that were written when the author came in contact with all kinds of emotions and feelings ranging from happiness to despair, This book is poetic version of all the experiences the author had and how she questions the society. The author through this book wants to convey to all to stop the contemptible behavior towards any person on the basis of how they look, what they wear or how they use their pronouns.

Sun and storms, The Journey of life.

SKU: 9781005118716
  • Author's Name :  Kangana Mittal
    About the Author :  Kangana Mittal is an 18 years old poet and writer from Delhi, India. She loves to pen down her emotions into words as she believes words are the most powerful tool to ever exist. Kangana fell in love with writing at the age of 11 and began her journey of writing poems ever since. She is an advocate of living in the moment and enjoys the after taste of her experiences in the poem she writes.
    Book ISBN :  9781005118716
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