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Description of the Book:

Summer Lines: And the Leaves that Fall Behind Them is a chronicle of heartache, falling, joys, and the paths in which one rises from the ashes. A collection of poems dedicated to the snapshots that are given along the journey life takes us all on, and the moments of laughter and tears that encompass it. A raw intimacy that is given when learning who you are and how to capture the falling leaves that you find with every step.

Summer Lines : And the Leaves That Fall Behind Them

  • Author Name: T. L. Coty
    About the Author: T. L. Coty is a Seattle-based author and poet, a connoisseur of vibrancy, and someone who brings emotion to life with her words. Born in Torrance, California, T. L. is a chaser of sunshine and endless experience, with a curiosity that begs to be found in life’s small moments. Painting her surroundings with description has been the backbone of her passion, as she reaches for heights beyond measure. Her heart pours into every letter of a sentence and she hopes the reader can find solace in her words the way she has found such in many pages read before.


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