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Description of the Book :


A random journey through a jumbled mindscape. Good luck to those who decide to take up the challenge of finding meaning in all this. But then again, isn't that just life? Attempting to piece together something meaningful from the mess around us...

In any case, I invite you to take a journey through some of my thoughts as I jump from day to day and moment to moment. Enjoy!

Stumblin' Up the High Road

  • Author's Name : Sian Lexmond
    About the Author : Constantly covered in cat fur and horse hair, Sian finds peace and comfort in the fluffy companions she surrounds herself with. While "free time" is almost a non-existent concept, she will spend what spare time she has at the stables, losing herself in yet another book or trying to be a normal sociable human and spend time with friends.
    Book ISBN : 9783834188601
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