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Description of the Book :


Have you ever tried to cut the strings of chaos in your head?
Whether it is a YES or NO, this book will help you acknowledge and relate to your strings. This book is a revelation of strings of chaos in the author's life, illustrated beautifully. The author has beautifully illustrated every string of chaos to an individual or a situation that may be difficult enough to live up to.
In this book, Prachi lets out a few of the most treasured strings of her life. Each string depicts an experience that nurtured her true self. As she simply puts it, try not to disregard such strings of chaos in your lives, as they might quench your thirst for becoming your HIGHEST version!

Strings of Chaos

  • Author's Name :  Prachi Yadav
    About the Author :  A Pharmacist turned into a Writer, Prachi Yadav, has been writing short poems for years now. She is willing to touch lives through her real-life experiences. Having a passion for writing, shebelieves words have helped her empty the anxious mind and live without regrets.
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