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Description of the Book:


Poetry is said to be one of the most ancient arts of human emotion and imagination. STRINGS is a collection of poems aimed to touch your heart and bring a smile through this different genre of literature - poetry!

STRINGS is composed of numerous forms and structured poems. The autodidact poet has penned down her trail of thoughts in a poetic language. Can you guess the various types of poetry?

Happy Reading! Hope most of them brighten your day!


  • Author Name : Shiwani Samel
    About the Author: Shiwani Samel is a young adult exploring her course of actions for a meaningful life. She believes the mind is a unique journal of lifelong learning. Diligence, consistency and resilience are her core values. She is determined to challenge her limits and do better every single day! Last year, Shiwani authored and published her first book 'Grace the Sky with Glory', a biography of her grandfathers- Indian Air Force veterans. Her heart and mind thrive to try new. She is passionate about cooking and baking. Shiwani is a Mechatronics Engineering Graduate and is currently working in a multinational company.


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