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Description of the Book :


Capturing pleasure, pain, and perhaps a pun or two, Strawberries and Striptease presents chaotic daydreams and abstract emotions into tangible thoughts. MaKayla Chartrand displays, unapologetically, her highs of adventure and friendship, and her lows of depression and loss. As it goes with thoughts, Strawberries and Striptease jumps from one idea to the next suddenly and without pause. Let’s follow along, shall we?

Strawberries and Striptease

  • Author Name : MaKayla Chartrand
    About the Author : MaKayla Chartrand is a lover of adventure, cookbooks, and good (bad) jokes. She was raised in Fort St John, British Columbia, but currently calls Ottawa her home. She is currently studying for her Master of Social Work and writing on the side. When she isn’t tripping over her own feet, she’s baking scones and chasing happiness, whatever that may be.
    Book ISBN : 9781005431334


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