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Description of the Book:

This bundle is a collection of poems written by Layla Vera. Experience her thoughts, feelings and opinions, created on her bicycle journeys through Amsterdam. The bundle is the outcome of a 20 day writing challenge of BookLeaf Publishing, writing one poem each day. Before she heard about this challenge Layla struggled with writing for a few years. She really thought her passion was gone, to never come back again. When she saw the advertisement, suddenly inspiration came and the notes on her phone started to fill up. Before you lies the result. A brand new bundle. Enjoy reading!


  • Author Name: Layla Platvoet
    About the Author: Layla Vera is the alias of Layla Platvoet (1993), born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is a model, writer, and backpacker. To be able to do all this she also works in a bakery. She loves traveling to the farthest corners of the earth for months on end but always finds herself coming back to Amsterdam, to her friends, parents and boyfriend Mark. Layla is currently pursuing a modeling career in art photography. If you're interested look for @layla_vera_portfolio on Instagram. She tried some studies but they didn't work out. One of the studies was a writing academy, but that didn't go smooth and after she quit she thought the passion for writing was totally gone. Now, a few years later, her passion finally came back and became this bundle.


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