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Description of the Book:


Sometimes we feel like we are the only person experiencing a difficult time in life. Knowing that we are never alone on our journey encourages us not to give up. "Still Standing" is a compilation of poetry about the author’s life and takes a trip through the author’s journey to healing.

Still Standing

SKU: 9789358733945
  • Author's Name: Rebecca English

    About the Author: Rebecca B. English is a former educator of 33 years, mother, grandmother, Evangelist, contemporary gospel artist, and author of 3 children's books. This book of poetry was written to convey the ups and downs of her life story. Having been raised in a small town, being the youngest of 15 children, and serving as an educator, writing became her way of escape. A few of her hobbies include singing, gardening, decorating, and love to travel to other countries. She has two children, one grandson, and two pet dogs, Bandit and Charlie. She resides in South Carolina.
    Book ISBN: 9789358733945
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