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As an ode to the frail yet fiery nature of life, I present this short collection of poetry that solemnizes moments of intense clarity, unimpeded illuminations, secret discoveries, lyrical reveries, cavernous despair and effortless joy. By eulogizing my sensory and derivative experiences of what it means to be human, I seek to communicate that which is beyond one to do without tipping one's toes into the elixir of art.

Still Life

SKU: 9789360940065
  • Author's Name: Tejal Bhardwaj

    About the Author: A writer and a poet with a Master's degree in Psychology who tramps through the thickets of life with her tote bag stuffed with books, journals, tea bags and a penchant for sublime abstraction. She wears many hats but all are threaded with the same deep desire to commemorate and nurture the overarching wonders of the human experience.
    Book ISBN: 9789360940065
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