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Description of the Book:

Sterling by Pushhti Maankad is a collection of poems that trace a path across the various lines of thoughts like deciphering the fables of human race, delving in the spirit of the nation, conveying insights on the inevitable energies, nature and much more. All of this brilliantly precise works contain a touch of light heartedness too; which can be found through the potpourri of themes like music, art, color and a fun birthday wish for a friend as well. It is an all-round perceptive muse that sumptuously rhymes.

Sterling: An All-round Perceptive Muse that Sumptuously Rhymes

  • Author's Name: Pushti Mankad
    About the Author: Pushhti Maankad, (18th June 2002- ) was born and raised in India. She is the Founder of Number Clinic being the youngest numerologist and a well equipped writer with poetry as her admired genre of literature. She started writing from an early age of 13 years officially but later she surprisingly came across a box wherein she found her first creation that was written even two years prior to the that time I.e. at the age of 11 which was an astonishing fact for everyone. She did her high school in the field of humanities and is pursuing management as of now. She's a bundle of feats in various fields with an intuitive- inquisitive mind, and hobbies of traveling, artwork, photography, dance, sport and much more. She can be spotted in various articles, media, YouTube channel (@Number Clinic). She has also performed blindfold, open mic, contests, cultural events, certified programs and so on.
    Book ISBN: 9781005365400


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