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Description of the Book :


A collection of poems reflecting upon numerous aspects of life, some free flowing and some rhyming, shorter ones and longer ones. A little something that everyone can relate to, from every day inspiration of surroundings to deeper emotions of relationships and worldly concerns. Inspired by personal experiences, thoughts, feelings and imagination. Written as part of BookLeaf’s 20-day #TheWritingChallenge 2021.

Stems of Thought

  • Author's Name :  Aisha Anjum
    About the Author :  First time author Aisha Anjum from North East London (UK) is born in France to Pakistani and French parents. Aisha has been raised in Kent and London with two younger siblings and is tri-lingual (English, Urdu and French). She currently lives between family and a colourful little abode with her two parrots (and a history of pets). Prior to entering the clinical research field a decade ago, Aisha graduated from King’s College London with a Biomedical Sciences BSc (Hons) degree. She journeyed her way from Research Assistant to her current role as Project Manager, full time at Imperial College London, which she very much enjoys. Aisha is a light-hearted individual who loves to travel/explore and spend time around nature, with a creative streak for DIY, arts and crafts, having written a fair amount of poetry as a teen and young adult. Now in her 30s, she hopes to reignite her outlet of writing.
    Book ISBN : 9781005495046
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