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Description of the Book:

Written in a long stretch of a lonely summer, Stem to Sternum is a collection of meditations, reflections, rage, and respite within the upheaval of the end of a relationship, the midpoint of months of isolation, and the straggling beginnings of learning to care for something enough to see it all the way through. From stem to stern. From one end to the other. From garden to grave. From blooms to bones. From stem to sternum.

Stem to Sternum

  • Author Name: Kathleen McCulloch-Cop
    About the Author: Kathleen McCulloch-Cop is a software-engineering student based out of Ottawa, Canada. Her early work has been published in Pot-Pourri, The Red Book, and PACE Magazine. This is her first published collection of poetry.
    Book ISBN : 9781979817165


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