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Description of the Book:


Twenty-one poems. Different, yet similar. Tiny pinpricks of light which offer the glow of warmth bound by themes of hope and faith. Trying to say that not all stars need a sky. They can shine in the heart.

Stars Without a Sky

SKU: 9789360946388
  • Author's Name: Sumedha Saraff-Rege

    About the Author: Sumedha Saraff-Rege has donned many hats over the years. ENT surgeon, intrepid traveler, cook, teacher and occasional writer. Add to this the roles of mostly-stay -at -home mom, housewife and (not so) dutiful daughter-in-law and you have the complete woman. Dabbling in almost everything like poetry, short stories, articles (except plays and screenplays) when it comes to writing, she can be found trying to boost readership of her website, and her first novel, 'The Compromise'.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946388
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