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Description of the Book:

Have you ever gazed at the midnight sky and wondered about the departed souls of your loved ones? Have you ever tried to look for signs or familiar patterns in the stars? Have you ever thought why we cross paths with only a fraction of souls walking this planet? Perhaps, the stars carry all the answers. Only those who seek, will find! Souls & Stars is a collection of poetry that arose straight from the heart of the author while she was dealing with two of the most difficult phases in her life – the loss of her dearest grandmother in November 2013 and her miscarriage in January 2017. The poetry is raw and lucid, and most of the poems were written during 2014-2017. The author draws on her quest for knowledge about life, death, and everything in between and beyond. Through her poetry, she has attempted to seek transpersonal and spiritual experiences through the images of love, life, and death. Some of the individual poems might appear as fragmented expressions of the grieving author’s mind but the readers, who embrace the book holistically, will be able to appreciate her journey of surviving grief, rediscovering her strengths, and finding love and optimism – as each poem will take the readers through a different pathway yet they will arrive at the same destination.

Stars & Soul

  • Author Name: Dr Aakanksha Bhatia
    About the Author: Dr Aakanksha Bhatia is a PhD in Psychology from University of Delhi. She is working as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at University of Delhi. She is also the Founder/Counselling Psychologist at Together We Can, an organization providing mental health and educational solutions in Delhi. She is strongly motivated to empower women and children through her work in the field of Psychology and Education. She is an empath, who tries to listen to everything that people do not say and see everything that people do not show. She loves to inspire and get inspired. On the personal front, she is a hands-on mother to her curious toddler & adorable furry baby, and wife to a high-spirited entrepreneur. She is a globe trotter with insatiable wanderlust. She loves to explore new cultures and meet new people. She is a dog lover, an amateur yogini, and a coffee person. She is also an occasional blogger and loves to spend time with her loved ones.
    Book ISBN: 9781005660123


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