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Description of the Book:

“In Life, there's only NOW; If you know how to handle this moment, you know how to handle eternity…!!” - Sadhguru This book is a journey of a lone girl who's been judged, hated, and abandoned by the myths of society. But she stood up like a BOSS LADY, believed herself, and fought like a warrior to be a part of this beautiful universe. The connective strings of the rhymes symbolize a companion of emotions, hardships of life, and the power of Self Believe.

Starlight Tales

  • Author Name: Sneh Antil
    About the Author: Sneh Antil, an IT professional and autodidactic who loves to weave thoughts and emotions into words. She started her writing journey with quotes and blogs about Positivity and Self-belief. If she's not working/writing, you can always find her around family, books, or music. To read her creations, connect with her via Instagram: @antil.07
    Book ISBN: 9781005405571


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