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Description of the Book:

We live in a world which takes a part of us in its formation. In the travel in time, nothing stays except the ideas that we create.

This book is an attempt to script the lessons that we learn and unlearn for the better. Stardust Sentiments is for anyone who loves to read about science and nature.

Stardust Sentiments

  • Author Name: Richa Hinde
    About the Author: Miss Richa has over 10 years of experience in writing with 30+ accomplishments in scientific writing and creative endeavors. She has published articles in leading science and education magazines. Her writings are inspired by nature and acknowledged for supporting a social cause. The author believes that poetry is not just some lines that you write, but what you feel about life. The author loves to talk about engineering, calculus, computers, nature and life.
    Book ISBN: 9781005408299


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