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Description of the Book:



We’re composed of stardust
Doesn’t that makes us magical?

We have the strength to shine like the stars
Then why do we forget the magic inside us?

There is sparkle in our eyes
Isn’t that evidence of cosmic beauty?


SKU: 9789358311907
  • Author's Name: Mahak Maini

    About the Author: Mahak Maini Tuli is a born star gazer, this poetry book "Stardust" is an ode to her love for cosmos and stars. With this book she reinvents her two childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut and a writer. She found her husband whilst gazing at constellations and now lives in Mumbai where only human stars are visible. She completed her Master's in Marketing and Communication from MICA, Ahmedabad where she won the Divya Bhaskar Scholarship Award by studying when the stars were aligned. Currently, she volunteers as a mentor, is a meditator, a freelance career counselor and works as a full-time marketeer when she finds time off her busy schedule of star gazing across the globe.
    Book ISBN: 9789358311907
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