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Description of the Book:


This poetry collection weaves together significant experiences and moments from my life and the broader human experience. While each poem may not stand alone, together they form a rich triptych, revealing the intricate layers and hues of life's diverse canvas.

The metaphor of stained glass resonates deeply with me, stemming from a core memory at the Notre Dame Cathedral. I was captivated by the beauty and complexity of a stained glass window, which revealed its true magnificence only from within, as the rays of light passed through.

Similarly, getting to know a person is like deciphering the intricate patterns of a stained glass masterpiece. It requires stepping into their narrative, experiencing their perspective, and allowing the light of understanding to illuminate the depths of their being.

Stained Glass Windows

SKU: 9789363315457
  • Author's Name: Nandika Preetham

    About the Author: Nandika Preetham, a teacher by profession and a dreamer by volition, embodies the essence of growth through life's trials and errors. Her journey is meticulously documented in journals, each page a testament to her evolution. In the realm of teaching, she discovered her true self, and now she eagerly seeks to impart the wisdom she's gained to anyone in need. Her story is not just one of personal discovery, but a beacon of inspiration for all who dare to dream.
    Book ISBN: 9789363315457
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