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Description of the Book:

I know there are moments in everyone's life when we all feel broken from the inside, the pain that breaks up you from underneath, and the scars that it leaves behind.
But I find such people beautiful. The saddest eyes are the kindest, most beautiful. Splintered Sunlight is a collection of twenty poems written in honor of those sad eyes that drown behind happy faces, to the ones that have tried to understand their grief, to name it but left it while life happened upon them in full swing.
This is perhaps a half an hour journey back to the days when you stood ready to surrender it all to that one person, to the precious few moments just before your heart shattered like splintered sunlight.
And I have never seen anything as beautiful as splintered sunlight that streams through dense clouds.
You are beautiful, and I hope that the sun shines in iridescent colors through your scars.

Splintered Sunlight

  • Author Name:Sriya Raj
    About the Author:Splintered Sunlight is Sriya Raj's first independent poetry publication. She lives with her husband and a two-year-old daughter in Bangalore, India. Apart from being a writer and full-time mommy, Sriya is also an Instructional Designer by profession.


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