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Description of the Book:

Humans are like the stars in the sky, from the distance we seem the same and yet we are all different and unique. All of us might not look important, but we have power to change the world around us, we just need the freedom to grow into our potential. 'Sparks of Stardust' is a collection of poems about the beauty of freedom and individuality in the face of adversity. It is about being human.

Sparks of Stardust

  • Author Name: About the Author:
    About the Author: Fatima Abbas Rizvi, aged 16 at the time of publishing, is a voracious reader and avid writer. She has previously written and published a book called 'Race to the moon' at the age of 10 and has been writing ever since. You can contact her through her Discord (FatimaAbbasRizvi#7418) or her Tumblr (fatimaabbasrizvi).


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