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Description of the Book:

Spaces Won, to me, is a collection of time stamps - each marking the exact moments I’ve toyed with certain emotions and came to discover new shades of color I never could see. Most poems here have no iterations - they are raw, hardly follow a rhyme sequence, and are written down using my phone while I hit pause on life and urgently allow myself to feel. In a way, the different themes that have managed to surface and break through the humdrum have been captured here, battled with, obsessed over, reluctantly accepted, and finally conquered. The book taps into familiar feelings of love & loss, abundance & absence, creation & consumption, and more such opposites as seen from my perspective - peppered with enough contradiction one seems to feel in wearing new skin and burying our older selves. I’ve won more than I ever could by writing, and what you hold here is both the prize and part of the puzzle I’m still navigating through the chapters and characters. If you find yourself in my writing, drop me a line @pb.the.wanderess — a space for my original prose, poetry, and imagery that I often use as methods to express myself.

Spaces Won

  • Author's Name: Priya Bala
    About the Author: Priya Bala is a strategist, copywriter, aesthete, literature nerd, amateur photographer, poetess, and solo traveler, settled in the city of Bangalore, India. Ever since she can remember, writing has been her way of putting life into perspective and a tool to express her complexity. The people she meets, the places she’s explored, and the experiences she’s gathered, are what shade her understanding of the world. She captures these shades by putting pen to paper — or rather finger to key — and forging the words that make up the body of her work.
    Book ISBN: 9784715651870


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