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Description of the Book:

Twisted and turned in the ebbs and flows of life, we often push forward days bearing in mind certain fervent desires that shimmer in the horizon of our thoughts. May be after many moons, they flutter their ethereal wings to fetch smiles and bliss. Soulful Dreams is a bunch of poems that unfurled from long cherished yearnings. Written over the course of the pandemic epoch, each of them are sachets of hope, love, sorrows and memories while some delve into the unveiled woes of life. Inviting your eyes and heart to this chamber of soulful letters. Hope you will enjoy flowing through it.

Soulful Dreams

  • Author Name: Arya K S
    About the Author: Arya K S is an aspiring writer hailing from Kerala, India. She has done her graduation in English Language and Literature from CMS College, Kottayam, Kerala. Currently, she is pursuing her Masters in English and Comparative Literature at Pondicherry Central University, Puducherry. As a passionate poet, her robust words weave together various human emotions and masked life realities. She is an ardent reader as well. Her poems have appeared in anthologies such as The Heartfelt Stories, The Pensive Mirror, Hope, Coffee and Poetry, Standstill and other publications. She is kindled by the trivial instances of day to day life and tries to capture them into poetry so that they get engraved in the heart forever. You can follow her on Instagram @letter_shore for more musings or reach her at
    Book ISBN:  9781005703394


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