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Description of the Book:


There are still words jumbled up in my head. Few precious among them have been aligned and are penned down under the cover of this book. I wish my readers start talking to their own self. This ability not only gives you peace but also let you understand yourself in most details. For beginning to this, i would like to raise few questions. What do you think is poetry about? Is it a matter of rhyme, a group of vocabulary? Is it a delusion and not the reality? If i ask you to write down a poem, have you ever wondered what will be the first word, you can start with? I need your precious time to build up this interaction, so that you can come up with your best answers. There are multiple reasons for me to write this book, among which i would like to share the most precious ones with you. During my early age of childhood, i was playing with my friends. Then i was gifted with a yellow rose and said it to be 'A Symbol of Friendship'. This gave me immense happiness but there was a fight within myself. Due to this i could not focus on shuttle and lost that match. But to my surprise, i was neither sad nor happy and just sat down on stairs with that rose in my hand. I may not be normal and not thinking the way as others do but i was lost in the thought that how can something be a symbol of new beginning when its own life has ended, as to here that yellow rose was plucked off the plant. It was that day when i realised not everyone would understand the way i perceive things. And then the day is today, when my thoughts gather together and spread to those who want to see the world as i do. This book of poetry mainly focuses upon the variety of thoughts which your mind posses and the diversity of living which you come across in day to day life. I wish to draw your attention towards the reality of world. My perception might be a little bit different than yours but i aim to build up your interest and make you visualise the world in real. While you read this book, give broad space for your imagination and try to forget your worries of future, regrets in past to live in present.


SKU: 9789360948580
  • Author's Name: SHIVA SHALINI

    About the Author: The Author, Shiva Shalini, born in 1995, belongs to a small town in India. She is a doctor by profession, a poet by heart and a learner by passion. She believes that there is no measure to your strength and it comes from within you. Her main aim is to spread smile and love.
    Book ISBN: 9789360948580
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