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Description of the Book:

This book is filled of poems put together related to the daily feelings of a teenager. The way one is taken advantage of, used and victimized. Teenage years are confusing and sometime us teens experience a mix of feels .Some days are happy and the following make us want to quit. The best way to get out of any situation is to understand what your heart wants and express yourself. To write, can be one of the best possible ways in which one can gather their thoughts and bring out the best side of you.

Soul Secrets

  • Author Name: Maanvi
    About the Author: Hey there!! I am just another girl trying to figure out her way in life. When my thoughts are scattered, I write. It helps me put things into perspective. Everyone has people they value the most, who means the world to them but then, before they know it, everything they thought was precious is no longer there. Every adolescent out there finds himself/herself getting compared to others, crossing paths with fake friends, and so much more. Writing poems is my hobby, but more than that, it's my passion. A paper never judges me, words always understand me. I wasn't so confident or secured about my poems. when I finally had the courage, I showed it to my close ones, their appreciation and support is what motivated me to write this book. Hope you'll like it:)
    Book ISBN: 9781005399993


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