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Description of the Book :


This book is an expression, and a collection of poems inspired by people, places, and our collective plights written to provide perspective, inspiration, and to challenge the status quo. This collection has accumulated over the years by way of encounters, observations, and conversations that have inspired me to see the world through different perspectives, empowered me to reflect deeply about our place in the world, and have the power to set the soul on fire. My wish is for this collection of poems inspired by stories, to speak to you deeply. I hope that after experiencing these poems, readers are reminded to look at the world around us differently.

Soul on Fire

  • Author's Name : Vivekan Jeyagaran
    About the Author : My name is Vivekan Jeyagaran and I am a Sri Lankan-born Tamil Canadian. I should clarify though that I am not a writer, I just write. Inspired by those before, writing has been an outlet for me to share my ruminations about life, both related and unrelated to my work. As of October 2021, I work in the Market Systems Development space, where I spend a lot of my time thinking, advising, and co-creating solutions that lead to more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable businesses, economies, and systems. All paths leading to where I am now, and where I'll go from here, have been influenced by stories; that is why I write. My wish is for this collection of poems, inspired by stories, to speak to you deeply.
    Book ISBN : 9788813548827
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