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Explore the transformative force of poetry in "Soul Echoes: Poems of Strength and Vulnerability," the debut collection by acclaimed spoken word artist Rochelle LoRo. LoRo crafts bold, genuine verses resonating from her soul, weaving free verse and rhyme with profound introspection and fearless honesty. From reflections on Black history and identity to the complexities of relationships, her words inspire resilience and growth. Delving into universal themes of health, mortality, and supporting the marginalised, the collection promotes holistic well-being. With faith gently woven throughout, LoRo's poems offer solace and spiritual fortitude. Navigate these pages of strength and vulnerability, to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment.

Soul Echoes: Poems of Strength and Vulnerability

SKU: 9789358314748
  • Author's Name: Rochelle Logan-Rodgers

    About the Author: Rochelle Logan-Rodgers, aka 'Rochelle LoRo,' began her poetic journey at 6, and has since crafted over 160 poems exploring faith, global issues, identity, and relationships. Influenced by luminaries like Benjamin Zephaniah, she merges diverse inspirations into her distinct voice, choreographing life's moments in a melodic dance for body, spirit, and soul. Her work appears in anthologies by Young Writers publishing. As a seasoned performer, she energises stages across England, including Hackney Empire. 'Power,' a song she featured on, was BBC Radio London's rising record of the week in 2022. Within the same year, BBC Upload showcased her spoken word piece 'Christmas Time is Here.' Follow her creative journey on social media @RochelleLoRo
    Book ISBN: 9789358314748
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