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Description of the Book :


Have you ever searched for something that stands the test of time? Did you ever crave permanence? Are your eyes blurry from trying to read between the lines? Modern lives are fast paced,ever changing leaving no room for introspection. Join this seeker on a little detour towards finding light in the smallest of things.

Soul Craft

  • Author's Name :  Mahi Sastry
    About the Author :  Mahi Sastry has completed her twelfth grade. She has a deep interest in different forms of writing ,be it prose or poetry.Her inspiration to write has developed over the years after reading the works of Rumi and Roopa Pai. A book lover, her choice of reading is non-fiction and soul poetry. Her observations of her mind and of the external activities serve as a source of inspiration to her writing. Apart from reading and writing, she has varied interests which includes athletics, adventure sport, and singing. She pens her work at her personal blog at: “” and she can be reached at :
    Book ISBN :  9780463305300
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