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Description of the Book:

This book is an effort to become a discipline of my own creative endeavour. To believe that I can express myself in the best form I could and not have to worry about quality for once in my life. But instead, quantity. Just creating and leaving the rest up to good orderly direction. All I had to do was intend and accomplish. Which I did. And I hope it inspires you to stick to the things that make you, you!

Soothing Reasons

  • Author Name:Jarryd D'Abreo
    About the Author:I am Jarryd D'Abreo and I teach German at NCLPA. I live in Pune, have a degree in Geology from St. Xavier's College, love teaching and learning languages, expressing myself and tomato sandwiches.Apart from teaching I also am currently completing the C2 and final course of German. I love writing. I love cooking and finding out how ingredients work together. I have learnt French and Japanese to the point where, if air-dropped into a random part of the country, I would get by. I like anime and doodling, reading and discussing books and music with people.


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