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Description of the Book:


A book of many poems each created with passion or life experiences. A message for my family to take with them always.

Songs of the Soul

SKU: 9789358310269
  • Author's Name: Jena Oo

    About the Author: Hello my name is Jena amd I absolutely love writing. I have been writing since I was 8 years old amd discovered my passion. From writing stories whether long or short to writing many poems over the years. I have written my first children’s book as well. Uni the Gecko. I am an American who moved to Canada to be with my husband whom I started a family with and now we have 3 lovely children together. They are my biggest supporters and love to read the adventures I create. I hope to create many many more adventures so everyone can enjoy, jumping into a new reality. I always like to say “ Books hold the key to a thousand plus lives lived”
    Book ISBN: 9789358310269
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