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Enter the poetic realm of Chakola David Paul, known by the enigmatic alias C.D.P, as he unveils "Songs of Shards: 21 Poems from a Broken Heart." Each verse is a shard of his shattered soul, pulsating with raw emotion and poignant reflection.

In this collection, the title serves as a beacon, hinting at the fragments of a once-whole heart now scattered across 21 poignant pieces. With each heartbeat and every thought, the author's pain reverberates, infusing every word with the ache of remembrance.

In a courageous act of artistic excavation, Chakola David Paul delves into the depths of his anguish, transforming moments of trauma into lyrical masterpieces. Through his verses, he invites readers to witness the cathartic journey of his healing, where pain becomes poetry and wounds become words.

Yet, amidst the agony, there is a gentle plea from the author—a request for readers to approach his poems with reverence, to tread lightly upon the sacred ground of his experience. These are not mere words on a page; they are fragments of a soul laid bare.

As readers embark on their odyssey through life's labyrinth, Chakola David Paul extends his heartfelt wishes, embracing them in solidarity on their beautiful yet arduous journey of life.

"Songs of Shards: 21 Poems from a Broken Heart."

SKU: 9789360940799
  • Author's Name: Chakola David Paul

    About the Author: In the heart of Kerala's cultural crucible (Thrissur), Chakola David Paul spins tales of wonder. From the vibrant classrooms of D.R.S.V Borlivalli to the enchanting halls of IHM Ahmedabad, his journey of learning knows no bounds. Mastering the alchemy of Business Administration at Amritapuri, he pens over 500 + poems, whispering secrets and dreams. Co-founder of Arsvitae Infotech Pvt. Ltd and WOJ Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd, he's a visionary entrepreneur with the soul of a poet. As part of the dynamic duo, Flowwolf_555, he conjures magic on stage, weaving tales of love and longing. Follow his digital odyssey: Instagram: read_cdp Twitter: read_cdp
    Book ISBN: 9789360940799
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