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Description of the Book:

Forest is an origin of life. Ancient giants with towering canopies and roots deep into the heart of the Earth are portals of energy that communicate between realms across from us. There is a sense of healing and sustenance in every inch of the land and drop of water. Songs of Sacred Groves is a collection exploring life's natural rhythm and melody in wild. Earth teaches us to live, so that we can preserve whatever is left of the world. Poetry is a language of the heart and emotions and through this collection, I hope for the world to heal a little with every word and every secret whispered to me in the generous forest breeze.

songs of sacred groves

  • Author Name: Sirisha H
    About the Author: Sirisha is an writer, artist and a business analyst based in Chennai. She is an avid traveler with much of her journeys being around forests and villages in Southern India. Her inspiration for writing is derived from these landscapes and a sense of magic that they inherit. Her poems and are an attempt at invoking a sense of awe and joy through ruminations on mundane.
    Book ISBN: 9780351289606


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