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Description of the Book:

The collection of poetry in this book attempts to bring together the multifaceted flavours of home across diverse latitudes of life and the living particularly as they're accentuated through the retrospective frames of loss, activated when one leaves home to go elsewhere. Yet, there is home to be found, and created, or both, away as well.
Homes lost, homes built, homes remembered, homes forgotten all make up the subject matter of this work. Believing that 'home' is intimately connected to identity, memory, and intersubjectivity, the short musings and imaginative flights to be found here deftly touch upon these dimensions, inviting the reader to stop and dwell wherever they'd like in grief, growth, restlessness, and resilience. Perhaps, through these pauses, they too could meander into their own idiosyncratic meaning frameworks, and extend an invitation to those around them to do the same finding that a thread in the tapestry that binds many of us who inhabit the planet is actually quite easily recognizable through the textures of home.

Songs of Home and Elsewhere

SKU: 9786592311496
  • Author Name: Ekta Srivastava
    About the Author: Ekta Srivastava, a counselling psychologist based in DelhiNCR, has completed her MA in Psychosocial Clinical Studies from Ambedkar University Delhi, and is currently preparing to begin her doctoral research. Themes of home and homelessness, belonging and separation, have held particular significance in her own being, and so, her interests lie chiefly in expanding an understanding of them as they play out influenced by interpenetrating individual, cultural, social, and environmental forces – through the lens of psychoanalysis as it attempts to honestly witness and engage with social suffering. She is a wholehearted biophile, and hopes her love for all things living beyond the borders of nations, demographics, and/or species is passed on through her writings, giving the reader access to a wider sense of emotional interconnectedness which she sees as essential for the profound experience of aliveness in everyday life. Ekta has completed her graduation in English Literature, and postgraduation in Marketing, and worked for over 7 years in Qualitative Research before returning to academics. She lives in Gurgaon with her spouse and dog(s).
    Book ISBN: 9786592311496


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