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Description of the Book:

Love, pain, hopes, regrets, dreams, wishes, fear, faith, everything comes and goes. All we can do is let our bones feel them and keep the memories.


  • Author Name: Uthiraa Mahalingam
    About the Author: 
    Uthiraa is an Industrial Design graduate from Tirupur, TamilNadu. Sometimes I Spill is her first book. Growing up reading children’s magazines and novels, writing a book of her own was always on her mind. Graduating during the Covid-19 pandemic and being bored has driven Uthiraa to focus more on her writing which has brought this book into reality. When she is not writing, she usually churns her brain over something, she loves to listen to her favourite artists, practice her music lessons, she loves to illustrate her dreams and ideas while watching youtube videos.
    Book ISBN: 9788712832225


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