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Description of the Book :


This book is a collection of poems which I had been writing since years and also in the 20 days of challenge. 'Solitude' has many different types of poems in it because as I had already mentioned it's been since years I was writing poems. And yes, this is my dream which has come true!


  • Author's Name :  Nupur Pranit Mulye-Khare
    About the Author :  Hello! I guess you might be knowing me as you already have the book in your hands. Then too, this is for the people who are reading this book but don't know who am I. I am Nupur Mulye-Khare and have completed MA Honours in English Literature from University of Mumbai. Basically I am from Ratnagiri and had shifted to Mumbai for further education. Then, I returned to Ratnagiri after which I got a job as an Assistant Professor at DBJ College, Chiplun and I got married and settled in Chiplun itself. And this is my first step towards entering the world of competition through literature.
    Book ISBN :  9781005455866
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