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Description of the Book:

All of us have had moments of overthinking, moments of our own weaknesses. Times when we get anxious of everything we beyond our control. We strive and keep killing ourselves in order to correct it all. We talk to ourselves in vain. Seldom do we know that it's us and our thoughts that started it all. Instead of stopping us from overthinking, I believe in letting our minds wander to all the forbidden corners of our imaginations. This one is just few pages from my journal wrapped with all those imaginations, thoughts, emotions and fears.

Snippets Of The Wandering Mind

  • Author's Name: Afrin Khan
    About the Author: After spending her childhood in solitude, Afrin knew her journal was her only true friend. But then life happened and her passion for words eventually faded away. Though She always wanted to be a life saver, she settled on being a Baby Maker instead. It was only 4 years ago when she rediscovered her love for writing and started penning down her crazy haywired thoughts again. Apart from Embryology and Writing, She finds peace in decorating her place, conversations and of course, solitude.


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