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Extraordinary to good ole everydays .... Inspired by Stories and Tales in time to musings of the mind. Slivers & Facets is a collective of poems written to evoke honest imagery to solemn words. It uses imagery and metaphors to convey the emotions and thoughts of the writer. Happy, sad, angry, whatever facets of the writer at the time of its writings are conveyed through these words.


Slivers & Facets

  • Author Name: Ashwini Subramanya
    About the Author: Ashwini is an oral surgeon with a keen knack for weaving pictures with solemn words. She has written multiple pieces of non-fiction as a part of her academic interest. Slivers & Facets is her attempt towards a different facet, as she believes that everyone has infinite facets hardly noticed. With her first other she hopes one more part of her can be in the light.She says "My poetry is my way of thinking, inspired by the old, new, and in-between. I am truly happy when my reader gets me but even more so when they find their own interpretations within my words".
    Book ISBN:  9781005247034


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