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Description of the Book :


Slash-and-burn is a term used in agriculture in which a harvested area is burned so that the ashes can nourish the next growth - there are times in our lives where we can learn from this method. When we feel as though people have taken everything we have, everything we are and burned us in the process, we must take the ashes they have left us and grow into something better. This book does not follow any of the set poetry rules you may (or may not) remember from high school English class; none of the pieces are specifically haiku, limerick or sonnet. This collection of twenty short poems is meant to take readers on a cover-to-cover journey of rebirth and self-discovery, no matter how low one may find themselves.

Slash & Burn

  • Author's Name :  Elizabeth Abbott-Partridge
    About the Author :  Elizabeth Abbott-Partridge was born and raised in southern California, centered in the San Fernando valley. She has always been very passionate about the arts and finds joy in drawing, music and writing. When she is not being creative, she enjoys spending time with her partner, Sean, and their nine-month old son, Grayson. "Slash & Burn" is Elizabeth's first published collection of poems.
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