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Description of the Book :

From the throes of grief, to the heights of the motherhood rollercoaster, Skyline has it all. Each poem is packed with raw, genuine emotion that will leave you wanting more. Skyline is Kirsty’s poetry book debut which she hopes will bring a sense of understanding and relief to those who read it, you are not alone.


  • Author Name : Kirsty Trevarthen
    About the Author : Kirsty Trevarthen was born and raised in North London but now lives in Somerset with her Fiance and four year old Daughter. Her love of poetry was sparked when she won her first poetry contest aged 9. She went on to graduate with a BA Creative & Media Writing degree from Middlesex University, where she was also a competitive cheerleader. She now works as a marketing executive at her local newspaper, The West Somerset Free Press. She loves to take long walks in the countryside, spend time with her friends and family and of course read. Skyline is her first poetry book which she hopes is the first of many.
    Book ISBN : 9781005007799


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