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Description of the Book:

“Never think about the past and don’t expect anything from future. Because we never know what is coming on our way. We should always try and make our present the best. Cherish every moment so that when in the future, we look back at the past, we won’t regret.” It’s not about writing. It’s about reaching the depth of the reader’s soul by scribbling words. Enduring a journey from hurt to heal and from nature to nostalgia, all at one place is quite sparse. Each poem can be compared to our real-life experiences and will help us to foresee new endeavors.

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  • Author Name: Ritisha Pushilal
    About the Author: An engineering student spreading love and healing therapies through words. She started writing at a young age and soon found her passion in expressing through words. She is also a prominent speaker who inculcates hope by giving people advices. She writes blogs and articles. She is a foodie and loves to water people’s mouths with her words. Her blogs are mostly about diet plans, cuisines and recipes. She also loves singing and is a voracious reader. Her journey of becoming an author was not so easy. But she kept on moving forward and decided not to look back ever again. Overcoming all the obstacles, she has finally turned herself to be a motivation for everyone out there.
    Book ISBN: 9781005019709


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