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Description of the Book:


The life span for sports is positivity, plants are ecosystem balance and education means academic, but it’s necessary to understand that life’s long journeys are started by small steps and to reach far you need to plan your in-between intervals well. Sillage holds such important vent for the readers which carries many phases from nature to relationships, family, emotions, and cherishable memories.


  • Author's Name: Hargun Sodhi
    About the Author: 
    “Time and conversations are at their best when spent together and so is poetry savoured in the tangy and lip smacking palate of life’s different genres. Some lighter moments and some intrinsically heavy soul searching paths, all the more they interact amongst themselves to keep pace with one another bringing an equilibrium balance.” ~Hargun Sodhi Hargun Sodhi, a 15-year-old releases her debut book, an anthology that says all about her. She consistently has been empathetic towards poetry and writing.She discovers happiness in the exquisite aura of words and loves to read and write poetry. She finds it therapeutic as she feels home when she begins expressing her inner soul wholeheartedly. She feels poetry is simply not an assortment of words but rather sentiments that the author depicts. Hargun typically loves to write about family, emotions, nature, love, friendship, and many more such aspects of life’s endowments. She’ll always have a cup of coffee in one hand and a poetry book in the other. She continues to pursue her passion for poetry over time and hopes to publish more books like this in the future.


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