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Description of the Book:

Would you sympathize if I say, I'm not good with words, but I found solace in writing. The anthology comprises of life troubles, distress,loneliness, love, nature. The sore reality of life and disease which inflicts mentality. This was written over the years of trying to express and finding myself over emotional waves. How hard will it be to survive and drive through the courage of not running away.

Showers and spears

  • Author Name: Sandhya
    About the Author: Sandhya lives in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. When she is not seen to work writing, she expend her time reading most likely to be a fantasy and thriller, watching series, sometimes tries hard to write random things, short stories. Her curiosity and constant imagination have got her to discover the love for words. She has a thing for learning and loves to explore the world she is unaware of.
    Book ISBN: 9781005407247


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