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Description of the Book :


Another Poetry Book-
The world does not have enough poetry books, so here is one more to add to the list. This book is a short compilation of poems from all kinds of formats and topics. Nothing specific but something for everyone (hopefully.) Love poems to cry at night to or scattered words across a page.

Short Poems that Fill Heart Holes

  • Author's Name : Nimsi Barbosa
    About the Author : Nimsi Barbosa is a First-gen Mexican American who was born and raised in San Antonio TX. She is a college student who wrote poetry for fun on her free time but never thought of publishing, althought she has practiced poetry since high school and as won a youth poetry contest "Voices de la Luna" her poetry has also been featured in Plaza de Armas for "Love poems for San Antonio." This is her first time writer for a larger audience. Her poetry ranges from love poems to self-identity poems. She hopes this short poetry compilation reaches everyone in some way or another.
    Book ISBN : 9788945355942
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